Studying for an MA in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art....a wonderful place with lovely people!

Monday, 1 November 2010

My Beth playing the piano

A really busy week and 'artist's block' combined so that Saturday arrived and I hadn't made any additions to my sketchbook. Beth was home this weekend so decided to sketch her playing the piano. Sketch turned into marathon!

Had a fantastic day in the studio last Wednesday and had so many ideas from looking at everyone's work. Unfortunately circumstances meant I had to miss the lecture this week, but studio time with Jane and Alexis was fab as usual.

Although I have been trying to get away from detail I felt a real need to hone everything I have been learning about ie composition, tone, context. Alexis suggested I needed to now be more careful with my mark making when suggesting tone and this led me to make a more careful rendering of the scene.

I am waiting for some inks and a dip pen (suggested by Pam last week) to arrive ...think this will speed up my drawings but this weekend I had to make do with my soft pencils.

Really enjoyed it, but after eight hours drawing, felt exhausted!

Started to photograph my work for the Blog, although they are not as clear as scanning. I am worrying that the scanner is smudging my work. Well and truly fixed this with several layers of now my sketchbook smells lovely :)