Studying for an MA in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art....a wonderful place with lovely people!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Drawing at the Botanical Gardens

Went on a drawing day to the Botanic Gardens. Really enjoyed it as I was much more relaxed than when we first all went out drawing. It makes such a difference now we have all got to know one another and are not so scared or making a bad drawing.

As usual I embarked on an epic drawing which would have been great to finish but did not include any people. Fortunately Pam came to see my work early on and suggested I use the day to draw my fellow students so I made four quick drawings. I would like to go to again or to a similar place another day (perhaps in the summer!) and make a detailed study /watercolour when I have more time.

Would just like to give an honourable mention to the brave souls who sat outside for two hours a sketched! I took the easy option and drew in the glasshouses!

Had a very interesting presentation from Egmont Publishing who have a strong connection with the MA course. The recommendation to build a promotional website was a good one I think!