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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Drawing's hard work!

Two more of the farm...trying to let the drawings gradually walk round so that it becomes a real place in the images. Realised I have just been picking out the nice things to draw and leaving out everything else so nothing fitted together on the page. Also trying to work in a less constrained style.

On Sunday I stood in front of the farmhouse ....unseasonably scorching day! But still hard work standing for an hour and a half...makes me wonder how I'll get on when it is really cold!

Yesterday I walked further round to the yard and sketched everything I could see. Was very windy so I had to stick the pages down with masking tape! But sun was out and still warm Couldn't resist drawing the washing.........

Found myself getting bogged down in the detail again...must watch out for that creeping back in!

Studio time tomorrow, so hopefully will get back with lots more ideas and enthusiasm!